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Jurie G. Rossouw

BCom, Med Neuroscience (Cert), MIACN

CEO, Hello Driven

Jurie is a resilience expert and founder of Driven. His research papers, books, programs, and AI-powered resilience chatbot have made helped transform lives and organisations around the world.

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Expert Bio

Jurie is a global resilience expert and founder of Driven, a research and technology organisation focused on building human resilience. Jurie has developed various innovative and accredited resilience programs, including Resilience First Aid, the AI-powered Driven Resilience program, and High Adversity Resilience Training (HART). These programs are used by various universities, defence, government, organisations, and therapists worldwide. Jurie has published books such as Executive Resilience, reports such as the National Resilience Index, and multiple research papers on the neuroscience of resilience, resilience assessment, and new analytics frameworks to better understand the deeper functioning and value of resilience.

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    Bachelor of Commerce, sp Risk Management, Org Psych

    University of South Africa


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    Medical Neuroscience (Cert)

    Duke University